How to live with them from puppies to adult
An English Bull Terrier eBook with information that is equally applicable to puppies, re-homes and rescue's - learn not only about an owners problems but also the sheer pleasure and enjoyment gained during the course of bringing one up from a puppy! 

A catalogue of experiences and what to expect! 

This eBook described is really a catalogue of the upbringing of our English Bull Terrier Tyson Bullwinkle III from a puppy, with all the problems and enjoyment of doing so. 

We are not dog breeders merely responsible owners, we read all that we could get our hands on but still nothing prepared us for such a dog!
I'm sure that our experiences will closely match yours as English Bull Terriers have many love-able traits from loyalty to boisterousness to name just two!

Post script:
A little while ago we lost our much loved English Bull Terrier Tyson from ill health, he was 14 years old. We acted as responsible owners and as he was suffering we allowed him to gently be put to sleep - I was with him to reassure him that all was well and not to worry. 
The last chapter in the eBook mentions this and some may find this upsetting, we certainly did and are utterly heartbroken.