You may have a serious problem if your bearded dragon is: 

  • Not eating at all, or eating very little
  • Shedding very little skin
  • Not moving about, listless
  • Has trouble drinking water
  • Looking skinny or malnourished
  • Has difficulty opening its eyes
  • Keeps scratching or attacking its cage
  • Sleeping all day instead of being alert
  • Not pooping regularly, or sudden change in poop texture
  • Aggressive and bites at anything (like your finger)
  • Has trouble breathing
  • Constantly burrowing away
  • Has chipped or broken nails
  • Not its normal color
  • Choking on its food & having considerable difficulty swallowing
  • Frantic when held
  • From the desk of Chris Johnson
  • Date : Thursday, March 23, 2023
  • RE: An Urgent Message To All Bearded Dragon Enthusiasts!

Did you choose a bearded dragon over a cat or a dog, thinking it would be easier to handle?

Are you intending to buy a bearded dragon because it seems like an easy pet to take care off?

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