"Learn How to Avoid the Deadly Mistakes Most Bearded Dragon Owners Make That Shortens the Life of their Bearded Dragon and Makes them More Difficult to Handle..."

You May Be Making Serious Mistakes with Your Bearded Dragon's Care, Handling, or Habitat Setup if He/She Shows ANY of the Following Signs:

Has runny eyes or nostrils

Has a lack of energy

Stays hidden all day

Is aggressive towards people

Seems dull in color

Has trouble breathing


Seems panicky/stressed when held

Desn't notice you when you approach the cage

Has jerky movements

Desn't have an appetite

Desn't go to the bathroom regularly

Attacks or frequently scratches their cage


From: Steven Hold

Dear fellow bearded dragon enthusiast,

If you want a fun, easy to handle, and healthy bearded dragon, then you have come to the right website. Here you will learn how to avoid the common mistakes most bearded dragon owners make learn exactly how to care for your bearded dragon so they will bond closer with you and live a longer healthier life.

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