Does your dog not come when you call him? Pull the leash on a walk?

Is he aggressive with other dogs? Does he bark too much? Eat your stuff?

Discover Now How To Easily Educate Your Dog.

Imagine for a second… Your dog follows you, he waits for you sitting outside while you have a coffee, as soon as you call him by name you have his full attention, you can let him go free in the park without problems, just a no to understand each other completely, he's in control always where you are and not the other way around… you create a feeling and a love that will last forever… and this is not a dream. This is what happens to me, and to all the owners who read real books and find out about how to train their dog.

Call him, make a small gesture or whistle and see him run to you happy at the first call, always.

2 Dog Training And Education eBooks + Email Advice.

If when you go out with your dog he pulls on the leash , or you can never let him free in the park because he runs away and doesn't answer you , if he destroys the furniture in the house or always barks , or growls at other dogs more than necessary, it means that you can do really much more to establish a deeper, fun and fulfilling relationship with your pet. And you can start right now, it's easy if you know how!

If you want to educate , train or simply have more fun with your dog , this  "course"  consisting of two books in digital format: the  "Dog Training" manual  and the report  "Who is the pack leader"  is right for you. In addition, I will answer your questions for a whole year , so that if you have any doubts or problems that you can't solve, you can also have "tailor-made" advice for you and your puppy.

These two ebooks will help you figure out who is the leader of the pack. You or your dog? They help you understand how you can be kind and still get what you want from your pet, always. The "Dog Training" manual teaches all the basic commands and advanced commands such as paw, jump, stay and others, it is full of examples and case studies from which you can also learn how to correct any mistakes made in the past, it teaches how a relationship can be established trust enough to allow us to have control over the situation in a natural and fun way.