Toys Designed For Dogs Natural Instincts & Abilities

We create fun, easy, intuitive chew toys that allow a dog to naturally strengthen their teeth and scrape away plaque, stimulate blood flow, and improve oral health. We are passionate about only giving our dogs the good stuff! We make all of our bullibones in the USA and with the safest ingredients around.

Bullibones are perfect for every dog. Not only do these toys keep your dog from chewing up your best pair of shoes, they also provide an easy route to healthy teeth and gums as part of an overall oral care routine. Your dog gets the fun out of the toy and you get a happier, healthier pet.

A Dog Toy That Saves You Thousands

Bullibone has designed the perfect toy with the Paw Pad Handles. Have you ever watched your dog try to position their toy so they can prop it up and chew on it? Why not give them a hand?

Bullibone designed all their toys around a dog’s natural tendencies and allows them to use the toy within the first 30 seconds of playing with it. They will keep dogs entertained for hours. 

These chew toys give them autonomy, give them control and allow them to have new experiences. Plus everything is made under strict oversight in the Bullibone facility right here in America, with minimal ingredients all sourced in the USA.

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