How To Easily Build An Aviary, Bird Cage, Pigeon Loft, Dovecote, Flight Pen and More!

Design #1 – Portable Aviary & Bird Cage

One of our favorite and most popular designs, this aviary can easily be moved inside or outside of your home. It comes with removable trays to make cleaning easy, plus has plenty of smaller door openings to allow quick access to feeding and watering stations. Some clients have simply removed the wheels and kept it as an indoor bird cage. Works with all types of pet birds. Sizes: Length 60″ (1525mm), 34″ Depth (864mm)

Design #2 – Round Aviary with Walk-in Doors

Ideal for anyone that needs an outdoor aviary. The walk-in doors provide an extra layer of security to prevent any escapes from occuring. This allows you to easily enter the cage safely. Alternatively you can easily use the access door on the sides to top up the watering and feeding stations. The roof provides plenty of shelter from sunlight and rain. Works with all types of pet birds. Overal dimensions are: 67″ Depth (1700mm), 101″ Length (2570mm), 100″ Height (2250mm).

Design #3 – The Flight Cage

Perhaps our easiest plan available, this flight cage can be built in no time at all. The large design provides plenty of room for all types of birds to exercise, fly and play around in. An optional roof can easily be added for shelter. Is perfectly furnished with additional perches and toys. Works with all types of pet birds, also game birds such as pheasants and quails. Sized at: 73″ Depth (1860mm), 73″ Length (1860mm), 72″ Height (1830mm).

Design #4 – Pigeon Loft

The perfect design for all those pigeon fanciers out there. Comes with stall traps on the front allowing pigeons to enter freely and with large doors on either side for easy handling access. Plus the raised floor provides an extra layer or security for your birds. Dimensions for the pigeon loft are: 127″ Height (3212mm), 143″ Length (3632mm), 117″ Depth (2965mm).

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